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Next day Nationwide shipping €9 under 27kg
Next day Nationwide shipping €9 under 27kg

Mice Frozen Pinks Large (2-3g)

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Frozen Reptile Food is Click and Collect Only

Please note that we do not ship frozen reptile food. You can order online and collect in store.

Mice are available in a variety of sizes to cater for reptiles of different weights and stages of development:
- Small Pinks (1-2g)
- Large Pinks (2-3g)
- Mouse Fluffs(3-5g)
- Mouse Crawler (6-9g)
- Small Mice (10-15g)
- Medium Mice (16-20g)
- Large Mice (21-30g)
- Jumbo Mice (>31g)

All mice are supplied directly from our rodent farm in Europe where they are raised on high-quality diets and subject to regular health checks. Humanely euthanized, according to a set of government-dictated guidelines, all mice are accurately graded, bagged or boxed and blast frozen.
Monkfield Nutrition is licensed by DEFRA for distribution to the trade and subject to regular inspections. Click here to view REPTA guidance for reptile owners and handlers. Click here to view REPTA good practice guidelines.
Analytical Constituents: Moisture 67%. Protein 21%, Fat Content 9%

Care Instructions:
Please note all frozen food should be defrosted thoroughly before use. Defrost frozen food naturally at room temperature on newspaper or kitchen towels away from food, food preparation surfaces and equipment. DO NOT defrost in warm water or a microwave. Always wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water immediately before and after handling raw or defrosted food. Always disinfect all surfaces that have come into contact with the defrosted food.