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Venezuelan Suntiger Tarantula (Psalmopoeus irminia) Medium

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Scientific Name: Psalmopoeus irminia
Common Name: Venezuelan Sun Tiger, Sun Tiger Tarantula
Type: Arboreal
Category: New World
Endemic Location: Venezuela, North Guyana, North Brazil, Paracaíma
Body length: 6cm
Diagonal Leg Span (DLS):14cm
Urticating Hairs: No
Growth Rate: Fast
Life Expectancy: Females 12 years / Males 4 years
Recommended Experience Level: Intermediate - Advanced
Psalmopoeus irminia, commonly known as the Venezuelan Suntiger, is a New World, arboreal tarantula first small , by F. Saager . This tree dwelling tarantula has a deep black color with bright orange chevrons on the legs and a tiger striped pattern on the abdomen. This species is indigenous to the area of Venezuela and Guyana but was also observed in 2016 in Brazil. Unlike most New World tarantulas, this species does not have urticating hairs, but makes up for this lack of defense mechanism by being very fast and agile and having a venom stronger than most NW species. The Venezuelan Suntiger is sexually dimorphic, meaning you can tell the females and males apart by their appearance. Males of this species are smaller than the females and have grayish brown color instead of deep black coloration of the mature females. These T’s are fast growing and once mature, females are generally around 5-6“ for an adult female while males are usually around 4-5 inches. Females typically only produce 50-200 eggs per sac, but are able to double clutch, or drop another egg sac without mating a second time.