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Tortoise Horsefields

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This small tortoise seldom reaching more than 10cm in length is very well adapted to a dry arid habitat. Although very closely related to Mediterranean species, Horsfield tortoises are very different and should be carefully managed as more intolerant to wet weather. Horsfields are small, dorsally compressed with an almost spherical carapace. Another common name for this species is the "four clawed" tortoise since it only has four claws on each foot.

Horsfield tortoises are strictly herbivores and require a diet rich in fibre to thrive in captivity. In the wild they do not feed on grass and typically forage on plants toxic to grazing animals, thus avoiding competition with them. In captivity care must be taken not to over feed ,Wild flowers and fibrous weeds of as many different varieties as possible should make up the bulk of their diet, mixed with moistened Pre-Alpin cobs to help make up the shortfall in fibre and a dusting of a suitable calcium supplement. Fruit should never be feed to this species as this can cause digestive upset and makes them more prone to parasitic infection. A good diet we have found includes: Dandelion (leaves and flowers but do not use these as a sole source of nutrition, remember its variety that is the key to a good diet), sow thistle, plantain, clover, bramble, rose petals, hawk weeds, the list is endless! A good calcium supplemen carbonate powder are added to their diet daily. Water is always available in small shallow trays just big enough for them to get into. These are changed and cleaned daily. Horsfields can also be soaked in shallow water once or twice a week

50 years

An adult female tortoise can grow to be eight inches in length and is slightly bigger than a full-grown adult male.

Housing and Susbtrate
Horsfields should be treated more like a tropical species and must have access to a large heated area, and good access to outdoors in suitable weather. Provide a deep slightly damp substrate of loamy top soil and play pit sand (about 25% sand and 75% topsoil).This should be at least as deep as the tortoises to allow for natural borrowing activity.
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