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Fast Nationwide Shipping Under 30kg Only €9

Tarantula Violet Indian Female

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This is an old world species that it quick and skittish. They are known for their defensiveness, but will almost always attempt to hide in their burrow if threatened. This tarantula is an extremely active webber. It is not uncommon for them to cover the entire enclosure in webbing before they are satisfied.

15 - 20 years for females.
Males would live significantly shorter lives, closer to 3 - 5 years

Adult Size: 10.15cm

Feeding an appropriately sized cricket or two once a week will suffice.

The best cage for your pet is a fish tank or terrarium with a locking mesh screen top. A minimum tank size for housing your pet spider is five gallons. A ten gallon tank is ideal. It provides the tarantula with more space and you more options for decorating.

Humidity should be on the humid side, including misting to wet one side of the substrate and a water dish that always has some water available.

: Quick, defensive, and skittish.

Make sure there is a good deal of horizontal space with a few inches of substrate to facilitate burrowing
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Please note: We don't ship live animals. You can order online and choose click and collect and we will hold it for you