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Palmetto Corn Snake Captive Bred S/P

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With more than 3,000 different species of snakes in the world, the Palmetto Corn Snake stands out as one of the more unique forms.
The Palmetto Corn Snake is a genetically inclined snake with inheritance that makes it a noteworthy breed. Its genetics are expressed in a colorful spotted pattern, while also possessing a calm and docile nature. Palmetto snakes can make for a good first pet or hobby of interest.
Of course, there is more to know, so lets dive in and see what Palmetto snakes are really like.
Palmetto Corn Snake Colors
Palmetto Corn Snakes have an interesting color pattern. Typically, they present themselves with nearly all-white base color that coats them from their snout to the tip of their tail.
On top of their cloud-like color, they also have small dots that run along their dorsal area. You may find a few on their sides, but the spots usually are localized to their back.
These spots are one of the defining features of the Palmetto Corn Snake and can come in various colors. Mostly, you will find brown, orange, and red spots; some of the spots could also appear clear or a foggy gray color as well.