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Fast Nationwide Shipping Under 30kg Only €9

Locust Hoppers 4th Pre-Pack (28-32mm)

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Locusts are an extremely popular source of live food, particularly amongst Bearded Dragon Keepers.
- An extremely popular source of live food
- Best known for their quiet, non-invasive behaviour
- Available in a wide variety of pack sizes

As with all live food, it is essential they are kept healthy. Ensure the locusts are kept at a regular temperature of approximately 60-65F (15-18C) and away from bright light. To encourage the maximum lifespan, empty into a smooth-sided container with a vented lid. Add broad leafed greens to provide moisture. Proper supplementation should be given prior to feeding to your reptile.
- We suggest "Gut loading "all feeder insects with our Arcadia Earth Pro Insect Fuel which is available online in our reptile store.

How To Care For Reptile Live Food When It Arrives
During the cold weather we make every effort to ensure that your livefood arrives as warm and active as possible.
We use a variety of packaging methods depending on the severity of the predicted weather.
This may include:
-Heat packs or
-Wrapping of livefood tubs
However, despite our best efforts, your livefood still may arrive looking lifeless. Many of our common livefood species enter a dormant state when exposed to colder weather. As they are cold-blooded, they cannot regulate their body temperature effectively, so will slow down their body process waiting for warmer conditions - Mealworms, Morioworms, Calci worms and Crickets all do this, for example.

Top Tips
In order to bring the livefood around, it is important you follow a few simple steps:
1. Unpack the outer boxes and lay out all packs/ tubs so that fresh air can circulate around them
2. Leave the packs/tubs at room temperature (18C-25C)
3. Do not offer external heat as warming up livefood quickly will kill them. This is the most common cause of livefood deaths.
4. For bulk bags of livefood, gently agitate the bag to spread-out the insects within. Leave at room temperature and prop up in a horizontal position.
5. Livefood may take several hours to completely recover but 99% of live food will recover fully providing they are treated correctly upon arrival

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Ms Steele
Very good

They were quickly eaten by my rescue wildlife. Nice size for a growing swift.

Shauna Boylan
Great !!

Delivery was quick and all locusts were alive and well and make great food for our bearded dragon !! I'll be ordering again

Hazel Cardiff

Always good quality and fast delivery.