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Next day Nationwide shipping €9 under 27kg

Curly Hair Tarantula | Tliltocatl (ex. Brachypelma) albopilosus Spiderling

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Spiderlings The curly-haired tarantula is a Central American tarantula. Its distribution area is the states of Costa Rica, Venezuela, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Honduras. In Nicaragua it is very common and is considered a cultural successor. Brachypelma albopilosum is one of the most peaceful yet inquisitive tarantulas. This tarantula is also very common outside of the shelter. She often sits almost motionless in the terrarium. This species of tarantula is very calm and unperturbed towards humans. This spider is the perfect beginner spider.
Expected final size: 6-8 cm
Origin: Central America
Temperature: 20-29 C
Ground: Spider Ground
Activity time: nocturnal
Lining: insects
Humidity: 60-80%