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Cuban Violet Tarantula | Citharacanthus Cyaneus

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Citharacanthus cyaneus was first described in 1994 and is a dwarf species endemic to Cuba. Both male and female C. cyaneus are brilliantly and uniquely colored, a combination of brown, orange and purple. Females reach sexual maturity at around 5 cm. They can be kept similar to species of the large dwarf tarantula genus Cyriocosmus. They are fairly tolerant of moderate drought and humidity, albeit of limited duration. For example, unlike Neoholothele incei, the species is not easily excitable and no pronounced defensive tendency has been noted. The unique coloration, hardiness and relaxed temperament will make C. cyaneus a favorite species in the terrarium.

Expected final size: 10 cm
Origin: Cuba
Temperature: 22-26 degrees C
Ground: Spider Ground
Activity time: nocturnal
Lining: insects
Humidity: 60-80%