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Colombian Giant Redleg Tarantula | Megaphobema Robustum

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The Colombian Giant Redleg Tarantula, scientifically known as Megaphobema robustum, is a captivating and impressive species of tarantula. It is native to the tropical rainforests of Colombia and is highly regarded among tarantula enthusiasts for its size, striking appearance, and docile nature.

Origin: The Colombian Giant Redleg Tarantula, Megaphobema robustum, is native to the tropical rainforests of Colombia.

Temperature: The Colombian Giant Redleg Tarantula thrives in temperatures ranging between 75 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit (24-29 degrees Celsius). Maintaining a consistent and moderate temperature within their enclosure is important for their well-being.

Housing: Providing an appropriate enclosure is crucial for the Colombian Giant Redleg Tarantula. As a terrestrial species, they require a spacious enclosure with enough floor space for movement. The enclosure should have a secure lid, as tarantulas are known for their climbing abilities. A substrate such as coconut fiber or peat moss can be used for burrowing, and providing hiding spots with cork bark or artificial decor is important for their sense of security.

Feeding: Colombian Giant Redleg Tarantulas are carnivorous and primarily feed on live insects. Suitable prey options include crickets, roaches, and other appropriately sized insects. Feeding them once a week or every other week, depending on their size and appetite, is generally sufficient. It is important to provide a varied diet to ensure they receive proper nutrition.

Lifespan: With proper care, the Colombian Giant Redleg Tarantula can have a relatively long lifespan. Females typically live for 15 to 20 years or even longer, while males have a shorter lifespan of about 5 to 7 years. Factors such as gender, genetics, and environmental conditions can influence their lifespan.

Behavior and Personality: The Colombian Giant Redleg Tarantula is known for its generally docile and calm temperament. While they may exhibit defensive behavior if provoked or feel threatened, they are considered one of the more handleable tarantula species. They spend most of their time on the ground, burrowing or exploring their enclosure. Their red-orange leg coloration adds to their visual appeal.

Please note: We don't ship live animals. You can order online and choose click and collect, and we will hold it for you.