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American Green Tree Frog

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American Green Tree Frog

The American Green Tree Frog, also known as the Carolina Green Tree Frog, is a small arboreal frog that is native to the southeastern United States. These frogs have bright green skin with white or yellow underbellies, and are often kept as pets due to their attractive appearance and ease of care.


As the name suggests, the American Green Tree Frog is native to the southeastern United States, where it can be found in wetland areas such as swamps, marshes, and ponds.


The ideal temperature range for American Green Tree Frogs is between 72-82°F (22-28°C), with a humidity level of around 50-60%. It is important to maintain a consistent temperature and humidity level in their enclosure, as sudden changes can be stressful for the frog.


American Green Tree Frogs are arboreal, meaning they spend most of their time in trees and shrubs. Their enclosure should provide plenty of climbing opportunities, such as branches, vines, and foliage. A 10-gallon tank is suitable for one or two frogs, with an additional 5 gallons per frog. A substrate of coconut fiber or sphagnum moss should be used, and the enclosure should be misted regularly to maintain humidity.


American Green Tree Frogs are insectivores and should be fed a variety of live insects such as crickets, mealworms, and waxworms. The insects should be dusted with a calcium supplement before feeding. Adult frogs can be fed every other day, while juveniles should be fed daily.


In captivity, American Green Tree Frogs can live up to 10 years with proper care. They are relatively hardy and can tolerate a range of conditions, making them a great option for first-time frog owners.

Behavior and Personality:

American Green Tree Frogs are generally docile and easy to handle, although they may become stressed if handled too frequently. They are most active at night and can often be heard calling to each other with their distinct trill-like vocalizations.

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