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How To Cook Smash Burgers On A Weber BBQ

How To Cook Smash Burgers On A Weber BBQ

 P R E P  T I M E : 10 minutes

C O O K I N G  T I M E : 35-40 minutes

T O TA L  T I M E : 50 minutes

B B Q  T E M P : 200-260°C


C O O K I N G  M E T H O D : Indirect

S K I L L  L E V E L : Easy


1.25kg fatty minced beef (135g per patty), sliced US style burger cheese, 10 brioche bread buns, Maldon salt, oil for cooking, 2 large white/Spanish onion (sliced as thin as possible with a mandolin), your favourite burger sauce IN THE KITCHEN: 1 Using your kitchen scales with a bit of greaseproof paper on top, divide your meat into 135g portions and roll each one gently into a ball. Not too compact. Do not season at this point.

1 Heat up a flat cast iron plancha on your grill over medium direct heat and wipe with oil using a bit of kitchen roll.
2 Whilst the flat top is heating, slice your bread rolls in half and toast the inside parts, then set aside.
3 Once the plancha is nice and hot, take a small handful of the sliced onions and place a small pile down on the flat top for each burger you are cooking and allow to soften.
4 Put a burger ball on each pile of onions, place a small sheet of greaseproof paper on top and press down as thin as you can with a meat press, the back of your spatula or the bottom of a heavy pan, spreading the meat out to under 1cm thickness
5 Now season with Maldon salt or burger seasoning. Give it 2-3 mins in the heat and flip so the onion side is now facing up.
6 Add a sprinkle more Maldon salt or seasoning. Make up your burger bases ready with the burger sauce, lettuce and gherkins and any other bits you fancy.
7 Give it 1 more minute then add a couple of cheese slices to each patty. Squirt around (not on) the burgers with a splash of water and cover with a cloche, pan lid or metal bowl to steam.
8 After 1 more minute, add the burger lid, splash more water and cloche a second time. 15 seconds later scoop the whole pile off the grill with a spatula and onto the prepared bun base
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