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Clown Isopod (CB)

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Klugii Pudding Clown Isopods (Armadillidum klugii), also known simply as Klugii Pudding, are captivating creatures sought after by hobbyists for their endearing appearance and intriguing behavior. These terrestrial isopods are native to the Mediterranean region and are cherished for their charming clown-like markings, which resemble a pudding splattered with dark spots. With a growing interest in exotic pets, Klugii Pudding Clown Isopods have gained popularity among enthusiasts looking to add unique inhabitants to their vivariums and terrariums.

Origin: Originating from the Mediterranean region, Klugii Pudding Clown Isopods thrive in warm and humid environments.

Temperature & Humidity: Ideal temperature for Klugii Pudding Clown Isopods ranges between 70-80°F (21-27°C), while humidity levels should be maintained around 70-80%.

Housing: For optimal care, Klugii Pudding Clown Isopods require a spacious enclosure with ample hiding spots such as bark, leaf litter, or coconut husk substrate. A substrate depth of at least 2-3 inches allows for burrowing and moisture retention. Additionally, providing a variety of natural materials like rocks and branches enhances their habitat and promotes natural behaviors.

Feeding: Klugii Pudding Clown Isopods are detritivores, primarily feeding on decaying organic matter like leaf litter, dead plant material, and wood. Supplementing their diet with vegetables such as carrots, cucumbers, and squash ensures they receive essential nutrients. It's important to avoid overfeeding and regularly remove uneaten food to maintain cleanliness within the enclosure.

Lifespan: Under optimal conditions, Klugii Pudding Clown Isopods can live up to 2-3 years. However, factors such as temperature, humidity, and diet can influence their lifespan.

Behavior and Personality: These isopods exhibit fascinating social behaviors within their colonies, often seen foraging and interacting with one another. Klugii Pudding Clown Isopods are generally docile and non-aggressive, making them suitable pets for observation and enjoyment.

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