Professional Garden Hoses & Hose Reels That Are Built To Last

Buy quality garden hoses, hose reels, garden sprinklers, sprayers & hose repair connectors. The Flopro hoses are built to withstand kinking and are a professional horticultural quality. All Flopro hoses and hose reels come with 10 year warranty. We currently use these hoses and sprinklers and connections throughout our Garden Centre and they haven't given us an ounce of trouble, no leaks, no dribbles, no mess!

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A hose reel or hose cart is the easiest way to keep your garden hose tidy. Each hose reel and hose cart comes complete with standard connectors for taps and watering equipment.

 Flopro garden hose reels and carts are built to last. Each hose cart comes with a high-quality Flopro or Flopro Elite hose, which is UV and algae-resistant, as well as being able to withstand extremes of temperature and pressure.

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